6 women you meet at every hen’s party

Just because you love your friend who’s getting hitched, it doesn’t mean you’ll feel that way about her guests, writes David Smiedt 

Upcoming nuptials deserve to be celebrated – it’s a momentous event. Better still, who needs an excuse to get one’s nearest and dearest girlfriends together for an evening? The curious thing about a hen’s night, however, is that it combines people from vastly differing areas of a woman’s life – old mates, new mates, work colleagues, soon to be in-laws and so on. Many of whom come to the event with vastly differing expectations of how the event could, should and must end up. Here are a few that will always show up.

Source: http://www.buro247.com.au/culture-lifestyle/buro-loves/6-women-you-meet-at-every-hen-s-party.html

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