‘It’s a bit discriminatory’: Caitlin Stasey slams designers over women’s jeans

SHE’S posed in racy shoots on Instagram, supported the ‘free the nipple’ movement and now Aussie star Caitlin Stasey has hit out at the fashion industry.

FEMINIST campaigner Caitlin Stasey has criticised designers for making ‘allowances for men’s genitalia and not women’s’ when manufacturing clothing.

In a series of videos posed on Instagram, the former Neighbours star, 27, said she had “been having a consistent problem” with jeans.

Wearing pair of blue denim jeans, Los Angeles-based Stasey pointed out that they were riding up her crotch, describing the lack of design consideration around women’s bodies as “a bit discriminatory”.

‘A bit discriminatory’. Caitlin Stasey has criticised the fashion industry. Picture: Getty Images

“I do feel like it’s a bit discriminatory, because, like, they make allowances for men’s genitalia, but women’s jeans do not,” Stasey said, of the “camel toe”.

The Melbourne-raised actor added: “I personally don’t mind, but it is, like, unmistakeable.’


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