England’s Jonny Bairstow says alleged clash with Cameron Bancroft ‘blown out of all proportion’

England’s Jonny Bairstow will face no disciplinary measures after an incident with Australia’s Cameron Bancroft in a Perth bar that Bairstow says has been “blown out of all proportion”. – melbourneTv

News broke after play on day four of the first Ashes Test of an alleged incident in Perth on the first night of England’s tour, where Jonny  Bairstow allegedly headbutted Bancroft.

Speaking after England’s 10-wicket loss to Australia at the Gabba on day five, Bairstow played down the incident.

“First of all, I think it’s blown completely out of proportion. That evening we were let out, there wasn’t any curfew. I was out with friends and some of the WA guys,” Bairstow said.

“We were in the bar having a laugh and an enjoyable night. Cameron and I enjoyed the evening and continued to [enjoy it]. There was no malice or intent.

“As you can see, there is was no animosity out there with the Australian players.”

Cameron Bancroft shakes hands with Jonny Bairstow on the field after the match.

The Australian players — including Bancroft — all shook hands with Bairstow after the match ended with a 10-wicket win to the home side.

England manager Trevor Bayliss was asked whether the player’s code of conduct had been broken with the incident.

“Certainly not,” he replied. “We just want to get on with the cricket.

“As Jonny said, there was no malice involved, it was a couple of young guys out on a night out and some things happened that at the time seemed a bit funny.

“When they come up later on, they give ammunition for the opposition team to put pressure on.”

No punishment for Bairstow, says Bayliss

Composite photo of England's Jonny Bairstow and Australia's Cameron Bancroft.

Bayliss confirmed there would be no team punishment for Bairstow.

“Are we disappointed a small incident gets brought up in the press? Yes. It’s a distraction. There will be further discussion within the camp,” he said.

Asked if there had been any contact at all, Bayliss responded:

“I think there was some contact, but it was not a headbutt. There’s a big difference.”

England’s player culture has been under scrutiny since all-rounder Ben Stokes was arrested following a brawl outside a Bristol nightclub that left another man hospitalised with facial injuries.

Asked about the perception of a drinking culture in the team, Bayliss said: “We’ve just got to be smarter.

“Everyone in the world likes going out at night and having a couple of quiet ones. We’ve just got to not be stupid. If that means not having anything to drink, then so be it.”

“That’s [a change in the culture] what I thought after Bristol as well. It would be extra dumb and stupid if it didn’t, that’s for sure.”

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