Emily Ratajkowski accused of ripping off Lisa Marie Fernandez’s swimwear line

SHE’S one of the biggest models in the world, but Emily Ratajkowski defends herself against accusations her swimwear line is full of copied designs. – melbourneTv

MODEL and actress Emily Ratajkowski is in hot water over her new swimwear line.

Fashion designer Lisa Marie Fernandez is suing the 26-year-old, arguing Ratajkowski cribbed two of her swimwear designs for her newly released “Inamorata” line.

Fernandez claims Ratajkowski’s Cardiff” swimsuit and “Vulcan” top are rip-offs of her own “Poppy” and “Leandra” designs.

“These are key silhouettes that represent the brand DNA that is Lisa Marie Fernandez and are immediately recognised by consumers as her original designs,” reads a statement from Fernandez, noting a suit has been filed in Manhattan federal court.

Ratajkowski’s one-piece Cardiff features three front-side bows at the waist, ribs and bust — much like Fernandez’s Poppy, while Vulcan’s off-the-shoulder design resembles Fernandez’s Leandra.

There are no copyright protections for functional clothing in the US, but the European Union grants certain protections to clothing made, imported or exported within its bounds.

Fernandez claims she registered the designs on June 21, 2015, according to a statement.

Ratajkowski launched her swim line Nov. 17. Reps from the stunner’s swimwear line did not respond to a request for comment.


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