Ever Heard Of Cat Poop Or Kopi Luwak Coffee: Should You Switch To These?

Cat poop coffee or kopi luwak is the most expensive variety of coffee in the world. One pound of this coffee costs $100-$500 but is it worth it? – MelbourneTv
  1. Coffee beans in civet coffee are already digested and excreted
  2. Ceans excreted by palm civet are sold off as the most expensive coffee
  3. At present, one pound of this coffee costs $100-$500

In our world it is perfectly normal to forage animal dung, pick a part of digestive coffee beans from it and sell it for a bomb. If you are still confused, we shall clear this out for you. We are referring to civet coffee or the cat poop coffee popularly known as kopi luwak. Though it may sound gross to begin with, but this is for real. Coffee beans in this beverage are already digested and excreted, much before you consumed it.

Found in the tropical jungles of Asia, Asian palm civet or civet cats are small mammals known for its association with kopi luwak. The coffee beans excreted by the palm civet are sold off as the most expensive coffee in the world. But the question that stays is how healthy is this coffee? Is it healthier than regular coffee or not? Is it worth the price or not?

Back in the 19th century, it was illegal for Indonesians to sell coffee to people in their country because that was supposed to be exported to Europe. As a result, the locals started gathering civet excreta and extracting the partially digested coffee beans from it. They cleaned the beans, roasted and brewed them and were surprised to know that it tasted better than regular coffee. This is when the coffee crazy began.

At present, one pound of this coffee costs $100-$500. If compared with regular coffee, the health benefits of this coffee are not quite well stated. However, it is believed that this coffee is less acidic as compared to regular coffee. Its exponentially high price can be attributed to the fact that it is produced in very limited quantities due to which its price is quoted quite high. Other benefits of this coffee are its ability to fight diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

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