Fashion designer Marc Jacobs proposed to boyfriend Charly Defrancesco in a fast food restaurant

MARC Jacobs may be used to private jets and the finer things in life but the iconic fashion designer chose a very unexpected location to ask his boyfriend to marry him.-Melbournetv

ONLY Marc Jacobs could make a fast food restaurant proposal cool.

On Wednesday night, the iconic US fashion designer posted a video of himself dropping down on one knee at US Mexican fast food joint Chipoltle and asking boyfriend Charly Defrancesco to be his husband, reports the New York Post.

Jacobs had a flashmob of dancers perform to Prince’s Kiss as the couple entered the restaurant.

As the dancers finished up, Jacobs, 54, caught Defrancesco off guard by popping the question.

“And this happened … ‘Charly Defranscesco will you marry me?’” Jacobs captioned the video. “Thank you everyone for making this happen … and to my ride or die fiancé @CharlDefrancesco I love you.”

The proposal also happened to fall on Defrancesco’s birthday.

“Get ready for the all time gag,” Defrancesco caption the same video on his social media feed. “Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.”

Jacobs and Defrancesco have been together since 2015. Before that the fashion designer was in a relationship with bike designer Lorenzo Martone.

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