Can Mangoes Make You Fat?

Mangoes are infamous for their sugar content which is considered to be the cause of weight gain. But is it true?-Melbournetv
  • Eating too much of mangoes can be harmful for health so maintaining the portion control is the key
  • A medium-sized mango has nearly 150 calories, eating anything beyond the permissible calorie limits results in weight gain. Hence, it is advised not to overeat.
  • Eating mangoes after meals increases the overall calories intake.
  • We should replace our mid-morning or evening snacks with mangoes. It helps one enjoy the king of fruits without worrying about piling calories.
  • Avoid having mangoes at night. It is preferable to have it during the first half of the day.

Celebrity nutritionist and dietician Nmami Agarwal suggests:

  • The number of calories that food carries tells you how much energy it provides. Excess calories are stored as fat, which is why over eating leads to weight gain.
  • Mangoes are inversely high on sugar, which generally is an enemy. This is because it causes insulin spikes and falls, which can leave you hungry and cause you to overeat.

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