Bizarre design choice in Sydney apartment baffles renters

RENTING in Sydney can be a nightmare. By the time you wade through all the rental properties and find one that you want — and can actually afford — someone else has probably already snapped it up.

So it is hard to imagine a one-bedroom apartment in the harbourside suburb of Elizabeth Bay posted to will stay on the market very long.

The apartment boasts floor to ceiling windows. Picture:

With it’s big window and polished floorboards and sort-after location, this $570 a week flat with a garage looks like every renter’s dream — but there is something making people think twice before submitting their applications.

The living room and bedroom both appear to be clean and filled with natural light, but there is something truly bizarre about the kitchen.

The bedroom is clean and filled with light. Picture:
Who wouldn’t want to live here? Picture:

Everything seems to be normal at first glance but limited space means the owners have made an … interesting decision about where to place the fridge.

There is something not quite right here. Picture:

Because the washing machine is located in the kitchen that means that there was no room for the fridge, so it had been put on top of the machine.

This unfortunately means that anyone who isn’t a giant is going to have a hell of a time reaching items of the top shelf and in the freezer.

The apartment isn’t available until June 6, so only time will tell if having to stand on a chair every time you want a snack will deter applicants.

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